With a new fiscal year comes preparation of teachers and students, refreshing technology plans, updating classrooms, and training staff for new initiatives. You not only face the challenge of keeping a vision alive and relevant, but in making it a reality that successfully improves the lives and learning environment of teachers and students. Our desire is to encourage you to continuously build out a fluid vision.

What are your key points or questions when creating and developing a technology vision?

  • What is ultimately my goal(s)?
  • How can technology influence the success of my goal(s)?
  • What do my teachers need to be able to perform?
  • Whose support do I need to help build and implement changes?
  • Does my team have the time, knowledge, and capability to affect the needed change?
  • Does my plan allow for flexibility with the changes in technology?
  • Have I reduced risk or exposure to reasonably expected levels?
  • Have I addressed current and foreseeable needs of other departments?
  • Are my teachers and staff equipped with the knowledge to realize this change?
  • What partnerships do we need to positively impact the realization of our plans?

Everyone has a unique question or need that requires a specific solution. Our goal is to help create an environment capable of assisting you in thinking through these questions, and developing your specific solution. We encourage you to visit our 1-1 computing microsite specifically designed to focus on how and what elements of equipping students, your customers, are needed to incorporate into a vision that can be realized.