Secure Digitalized Learning

At Virtucom, it is our responsibility to change and evolve alongside the technological landscape. We grow for the sake of identifying new opportunities, and, more importantly, new potential threats.

“Schools have long been targets for cyber thieves and criminals. … Criminals are seeking to extort money from school districts and other educational institutions on the threat of releasing sensitive data from student records. In some cases, this has included threats of violence, shaming, or bullying the children.”            

– U.S. Department of Education, in a 2017 letter addressing teachers, parents, and K-12 education staff

Cybersecurity for a Secure User Experience

Cybersecurity is one of the greatest challenges schools now face. In 2020 alone, a record-breaking 408 school cyberattacks occurred. Every school relies on technology to perform daily operations, so don’t leave your systems vulnerable. Protect your data while maintaining a transformative learning environment via cybersecurity solutions.

Virtucom offers safe and effective cybersecurity solutions, fit to protect your sensitive data and ensure a secure user experience. An essential part of any cybersecurity initiative is a plan of action. It’s why we outline the processes and guidelines needed to respond to a critical data breach or cybersecurity incident.  Our professionals detect vulnerabilities and threats with the potential to impact your teachers’ and students’ devices. Contact us now to learn more.