ADP Re-imagined with 360 Degrees of Coverage Protection

What is Flex 360?

Accidents happen in the classroom, but standard ADP only scratches the surface when it comes to protecting K-12 devices. Modern ADP was developed when learning took place solely in the classroom. But learning has quickly evolved beyond the classroom walls, and we believe it’s time for ADP to evolve with it. You need a flexible, comprehensive, analytics-based program that anticipates your K-12 specific protection needs.

360 Degrees of Coverage

We’ve re-imagined ADP to go beyond accidental coverage, empowering you with 360 degrees of protection. With Flex 360, your customized coverage starts when you want it to. From spills to power surges and cybersecurity, we’ve got you covered the moment you set a start date that best suits your district. Click here to learn more about Flex 360 coverage options.

Your Data. Your Story.

With Flex 360, your voice and journey matter. Share your story and integrate the data that tells it with our executive dashboard. Have on-demand access to your analytics summary and track your device fleets in real-time on one consolidated platform. No more waiting on a 3rd party to grant you access to your own data reports. Access your data when you want it, hassle-free. Click here to learn more about Flex 360’s key features.

Take the first step toward a protection plan that gives you peace of mind. Fill out the information below to get in touch with one of our EdTech experts today.