360 Degrees of Coverage

Choose a Consolidated Start Date for all your Protection Elements.

You pick the timeframe that makes sense for you with our customizable start dates.

Reduce Downtime with our Spare Parts Lockers.

We collaborate with you to maintain stock of the most commonly replaced parts.

Single Sign-on Repair & Ticketing Platform.

Fill and manage device claims with access to our platform at no additional cost.

Obtain Loaner Devices to Keep Students & Teachers Engaged.

We swap downed devices with loaners on-site, ensuring no one falls behind.

Manage your Devices with a Live Dashboard.

Our team will tag and track every device deployed, keeping you in control of your investment.

Disinfect and Sanitize Devices as Needed.

Maintain a healthy learning environment with our device disinfection and sanitization services.

Analytics-driven Protection.

No need to guess how much protection you need; the data will provide the answer.

Normal Wear & Tear.

From scratched screens to chipped chassis, anything impacting performance will be repaired

Repair or Replace.

The dollar value of a repair is not limited. If a device is too costly to be repaired, we’ll replace it.

Scalable Coverage to Fit your Needs.

Match your percentage coverage with the percentage of incidents.

Immediate Battery Replacement.

Quickly request a replacement when battery performance fails.