Creating a vision to enhance education with technology is a specialty…. Implementing that vision is a totally different skill set. That’s where we come in!

Proactive Solutions

You want to use technology to enhance education and prepare the future members of our community for success. Let’s realize this goal together.

You have poured your efforts into creating a successful learning environment for your students and community. Congratulations to you, your team, and your school for building out a great plan!

Now, we need to begin implementing your plans to build that better future, and begin deployment of the technologies to help get you there. Why not continue your efforts to mold that future, and let us do what we do best? Enhance your plan with proactive solutions, and improve the execution of the implementation goals you’ve set.

Streamlined Deployment Services

While every school shares the same mission to educate, we realize and appreciate the unique aspects and individual needs of every school. Our goal is to make YOU successful by taking the plan that you have created to meet the specific needs of your students, educators and administrators, and work that plan by streamlining your needs into the most efficient and effective manner possible to produce measurable results.

With our scalable capability to service 4,000+ systems per day, we are able to customize our services around your plan, from the most basic of services, asset tagging, imaging, provisioning, etching, to coordinating onsite installation with multiple field teams. We create an environment of checks and balances to ensure high performance with accuracy to meet your deployment needs and schedules. Our teams are designed to ensure you have the resources you need to meet the demands of your deadlines and constituents’ expectations.

Enhanced Service Support

With Virtucom’s enhanced service support, deployment does not end when the last device is handed out or installed. Our customized deployment capabilities evolve into an ongoing support model to further ensure the success of your initiatives. By enabling you to focus your skill set and specializations on building a living vision and plan capable of evolving as demands and needs grow or change, you’ll remain confident that you have a team and organization supporting your efforts and community.

Our enhanced services are customized to meet your needs with locally hired staff capable of performing basic installation, field re-imaging and deployment services, student and staff device logging and hand-out, de-installation and re-deployment of existing equipment, and ongoing support. Our commitment to the success and support of both the school and the community can extend to store front locations, in addition to the local support.

How can we help make your school or district successful and prepare our communities for tomorrow? Contact us to find out.