Defend your Investments with 360 Degrees of Coverage

What is Flex 360?

Flex 360 is your fully personalized, data-driven, comprehensive protection solution. It offers dynamic protection tailored to individually meet the needs of your K-12 community, all while keeping your data analytics in mind. Click here to learn more.

Core Coverage Options

We’ve re-imagined ADP to go beyond accidental coverage, empowering you with 360 degrees of protection. From spills to power surges, we’ve got you covered from the moment you set a start date best suiting your district. Click here to learn more.

Key Features 

Explore how your district will benefit from Flex360’s defining key features. Click here to learn more.  

Protection Planning Tool

Design a plan tailored to meet your district’s needs and get an accurate quote using our Protection Planning Tool. Click here to get started. 

Talk to an EdTech Expert 

Start planning your customized protection experience today with the help of our EdTech experts. Click here to learn more.