Enhance Learning with One-to-One Computing
By providing students and teachers with personal computers, laptops, or tablets, your school or district can encourage collaboration, cultivate creativity, build research skills, and expand critical thinking abilities.

1-1 Insights


5 Tips for Implementing a One-to-One Learning Program Successfully


A one-to-one learning program in schools has become the main objective for school districts across the country due to its proven benefits. The idea of having one electronic device – such as an iPad, Chromebook, or laptop – for every student in a classroom is a terrific objective worthy of pursuit, but how do you successfully implement such a program? […]

Transformative Learning or Evolving Technology?

Less than 10 years ago, we saw the first smartphones hitting the market and now it’s assumed that everyone owns one. The power of tools that students can now hold in the palm of their hands throughout an entire day, is completely changing the learning process. Continue reading »

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