Enhance Learning with One-to-One Computing
By providing students and teachers with personal computers, laptops, or tablets, your school or district can encourage collaboration, cultivate creativity, build research skills, and expand critical thinking abilities.

1-1 Insights


Gamification – Incentivizing Students for an Engaged Classroom

Gamification is a term that brings about a lot of confusion in the world of education. Despite its acknowledgement as an efficient learning method inside the classroom, some educators are still associating game-related concepts with being a distraction. If a student is engaged in what feels like a game, how are they expected to learn? But gamification is not so […]

More than Just a Game: Creating an Esports Program

So many high school students work diligently to receive an acceptance letter from their desired college or university. Studying for good test scores, absorbing the material, and choosing the correct extracurricular activities are just a few of the factors that can determine a student’s future. Many can only dream of receiving a full scholarship to aid the process and pay […]

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