The Fall semester for K-12 schools is upon us and many schools are implementing new strategies for remote learning heading into the school year. Virtucom shares a common goal with many school districts, and that is to effectively use technology to positively impact the student learning environment. This endeavor, under typical circumstances, entails considerable planning, strategy, and more often than not some challenges, so we understand in the current environment, districts are experiencing this tenfold. As experts in the K12 technology space, Virtucom is here to help!

We’ve provided the below tips for district leaders to ensure their digital implementation into fall semester, and beyond, is effective.

Tip #1 – Don’t Throw the Baby Out with The Bath Water

Remote learning isn’t a new concept and many K-12 schools have implemented some kind of remote digital learning strategy in the past. Now is the time to take stock and examine what worked and didn’t work. It’s also a great and necessary time to revamp your pre-existing 1-1 device strategies for students. There may already be tools in your arsenal that can effectively be used for your mass remote capabilities. Sometimes the best new plans are a reworked previous plan.

Tip #2 – Implement a “Never Stop Learning” Mantra

Ongoing professional development is a way to offer your staff the tools and confidence they need to create amazing remote learning spaces with new and existing technologies. Make sure your staff understands how to best utilize your technology investment by providing training on Chromebook utilization, cybersecurity and digital citizenship endeavors, technology software utilization and even curriculum best practices for remote learning. Remember, technology is only as effective as its users’ knowledge of how to best utilize it.

Tip #3 – Be There or Be Square

Being there for your staff as you transition into a newer strategy is one of the most important things district leaders can do. Providing avenues for support for edtech, instructional and transitional needs will help keep your staff engaged and invested in your remote learning strategy. Here at Virtucom, we offer remote tech support to help your IT staff feel backed up and ready for the influx of device repair and troubleshooting needs.

Tip #4 – Stop, Collaborate, and Listen

Communication is key under any circumstance, but especially so when incorporating a mass remote learning strategy. Constant two-way, up-to-date, accurate communication will help to enhance your edtech strategy.  Your goals and plans should be aligned across the board with your staff so everyone buys in and helps move things forward. Collaborating should take place amongst stakeholders at all levels and allow forums for feedback and questions. This step helps make sure no educator feels as though they are in this alone.

As stated, Virtucom is here to help! If you have any questions on how we can help you with your remote learning edtech strategy, contact us at [email protected]!