Atlanta, GA – September 3, 2019 – Virtucom Inc. has spent the past two decades dedicated to enhancing the learning experience in K-12 education by providing comprehensive, personalized technology and service solutions. Virtucom takes pride in remaining consistent in their core effort to benefit the learning experience. In their commitment to improve the classroom experience, they have considered how positive learning environments are created and maintained. In doing so, it is crucial to ensure a coherent and intelligible learning space.  Virtucom is pleased to announce a new partnership with Audio Enhancement and their offering of tools and solutions for sound amplification, video documentation, classroom safety, and classroom communications for students and teachers to have a protected and contemporary learning climate.  Virtucom and Audio Enhancement are working together to complement each of their distinctive services to provide tech solutions that create a unique and intimate student experience.

Virtucom has officially on-boarded with Audio Enhancement so that students can be provided with effective audio/visual solutions while ensuring the insurance of their wellbeing. Each class is recorded in audio and video format and linked to a program capturing all class content. This provides quality feedback and visual reference for the instructor. With clear video documentation, teachers can reflect and collaborate on learning plans.

Audio Enhancement also provides easy-to-use solutions for intercom communication within the classroom. The state of the art intercom system enables fluid communication between students and instructors. For exceptional sound amplification, teachers are provided with wearable microphones that send the audio straight from the instructor into four distributed speakers. Included with every microphone is a safety button feature that discreetly alerts administrators to send assistance when needed. Audio Enhancement promotes heightened comprehensibility and safety for a desirable academic experience. 

“We often are so focused on the student experience and collaboration inside the classroom that we fail to consider the importance of clearly absorbing the material in a safe and moderated setting. Enhanced audio amplification and administrative safety are key factors in building the modern classroom. Audio/visual feedback will also allow teachers to build and hone their lesson plans for classes to follow. A positive learning experience for every student must begin with a clear and focused learning environment,” said Lee Prince, Vice President of Sales.

About Audio Enhancement: For more than 40 years, Audio Enhancement has remained a family-owned business focused on maximizing student output with products that lead the industry. They have built their ideals around one simple principle: when students can hear better, they learn better. Audio Enhancement continues to provide the best in audio, video, and safety solutions for academic administrations across the nation. While compatible with interactive displays, walls, and tabletops, their sound systems, video recording, microphones, and safety features continue to reach new heights in learning and education.

About Virtucom, Inc.: Founded in 1995, Virtucom provides end-to-end technology solutions to public and private schools and districts of all sizes. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Virtucom serves and supports more than 3,700 schools in the United States. Over the years, they’ve given nearly three million students access to the latest in educational technology with tailored services for schools and districts—deploying, managing, protecting, and maintaining devices and infrastructure both remotely and on-site.

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