Our support is ongoing—once your devices are out, we help your staff maximize their effect on learning.

Support & vConsole

At Virtucom, we don’t just focus on implementation and deployment of your devices—we stay with you throughout the journey, offering ongoing management solutions and support.

Continuing 1:1 Technical Support

One-to-one computing can break down the walls of the classroom and create a 24/7 learning environment. For your education initiative to truly be 24/7, students and teachers must always have access to their devices and apps.

Our 1:1 experts provide onsite and remote support to keep your hardware and software up and running—so the learning never stops.

If a device gets damaged or malfunctions, we keep a spare-pool inventory to minimize downtime. This way, students and teachers won’t miss out while we repair their equipment. When a device needs to be decommissioned, we protect your data with a secure and thorough process.

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Manage Operations with vConsole

Our web-based management solution makes managing mobile devices easier than ever. With vConsole, you get constant access to technical support and help desk services, along with a robust dashboard that helps you monitor all phases of the 1:1 lifecycle.

Track your assets in real-time, control user access and permissions, assemble user groups, and tailor device functions to who’s using it. The best part is: we’ve designed vConsole specifically for K-12.

Learn more about why vConsole is the lifeline your 1:1 computing initiative needs.