Plan ahead with Virtucom to ensure seamless integration of technology into your district.

Getting Your School District Ready

Lay the groundwork for success to amplify educational technology’s effect on your school. When you commit to one-to-one computing, you commit to enriching the learning process.

Prepare Your School District for One-to-One Computing

By harnessing the power of technology, you can elevate the learning experience for students and teachers. One-to-one computing requires a holistic approach—and we know a well-thought-out plan leads to a seamless transition.

For successful implementation, consider your vision. What aspect of one-to-one speaks to you, and what goals do you hope to achieve with it? When you define these objectives, the path to your school’s future becomes clearer.

You should also think about what role technology will play in the classroom. Are your students prepared for it? Are parents? Your district’s marketing and public relations efforts help frame one-to-one computing for your community, so make sure you’re conveying the right message.

Before selecting devices, assemble a small committee of teachers, administrators, and perhaps even some students. These individuals will help choose which devices fit your school’s needs.

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Integrating Technology into Education

Once you’ve announced your school district’s one-to-one computing initiative, we solidify plans for infrastructure, professional development, and curriculum integration.

After an initial survey of your school’s wireless network, we assess the WiFi connection from every location on your property—then follow up with recommendations for router placement. We also create a comprehensive deployment plan, outlining how we’ll onboard users, devices, and applications.

As part of our customized professional development program, we work with your staff so they can master your new devices and software. During these workshops, we teach educators how to integrate technology into everyday lesson plans.

Our involvement extends well past deployment. With Virtucom, you get ongoing support for your technology—both onsite and remotely. And your students get the enriched learning experience that will set them up for post-secondary education and beyond.

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