Make the most out of your investment by receiving personalized solutions—instead of choosing from a menu.

Mobile Devices

Want to make the most out of one-to-one computing? We’ll help you choose the ideal devices for your school—and give you the tools and support you need to manage them.

The Right Device, The Right Care, The Right Result

One-to-one computing provides your students and staff with opportunities—to learn, grow, and prepare for the future. Choose your technology from a set menu, and you’ll curtail these opportunities. Engage Virtucom to maximize educational impact, and you get mobile device solutions tailored to your school’s needs.

You may not want to standardize your district on one type of device. Different departments or age groups may require different functionalities. Virtucom works with strategic partners to help integrate the newest and most efficient technology into your curriculum—without compromise.

Case Studies for K-12 Education

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Digitize Quickly and Efficiently with Chromebooks

If you’re worried about technology slowing down lesson plans, Google Chromebooks make digitization seamless. Chromebooks are mobile devices that run Google’s expedient operating system, Chrome OS—designed to access cloud-based applications and data with no lost speed.

With Chromebooks, you get the best Google has to offer—including built-in security, user-friendly platforms, and a simplified central management system. Google’s web-based management console helps you manage thousands of Chrome devices, featuring tracking, user access control, network configuration, and customized user features.

If you’re incorporating both Chrome and other operating systems into your district, our web-based solution, vConsole, makes mobile device management even easier.

Learn more about how our customized mobile device solutions can benefit your school district.