Just 6 years ago, we saw the introduction of the iPad™. Less than 10 years ago, we saw the first smartphones hitting the market and now it’s assumed that everyone owns one. The power of tools that students can now hold in the palm of their hands throughout an entire day, is completely changing the learning process.

Evolving technology is such a small piece of a much larger picture, and has triggered such a transformation of learning and interaction that it places a significant demand on schools to adapt to transforming how information and learning is disseminated to teachers, students, and the community at large. When we talk about being equipped, it is important to identify the parameters of knowledge, skills, support, and yes – the technology equipment, needed.

The goal is in what we should be asking ourselves.

  • How do I keep up with all these changes in technology?
  • Can we afford to implement this technology?
  • What would we need to acquire 3 or 5 years from now?
  • Should the change in consumption and creation transform the tools we provide our teachers?
  • Does transforming the learning opportunity change how I support my students and teachers?
  • Is my staff equipped to effectively support our teachers and administration through transformative learning?

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