Atlanta, GA – July 23, 2019 – Virtucom Inc. has spent the past two decades dedicated to helping enhance technology in K-12 education by providing comprehensive, personalized tech solutions for the ideal learning environment. Virtucom prides itself in remaining consistent in our core effort to positively impact the learning experience and environment. We achieve this core effort by providing technology and EdTech services to schools and districts across the country. In our commitment to improve the learning experience, we must consider how positive learning environments are created and maintained. In doing so, one must first ensure a safe learning environment.  Virtucom is pleased to announce a new partnership with Verkada and their offering of next gen video security to help our clients achieve safety.

As the technology market continues to shift and technology evolve, Virtucom has made the decision to officially onboard with Verkada. With the unique live link features for first responders, district safety staff, and leaders, Verkada is leading the market in supporting the ability to implement the latest technologies with considerations for existing infrastructure, fiscal responsibilities of schools and districts, and providing easy to use, yet secure access.

“We often are so focused on the student experience and collaboration inside the classroom, that we fail to consider that the environment that schools and districts create begin at the first step up onto the bus headed to campus. A positive learning experience for every student must begin with a safe and secure learning environment,” says Tim Prince, Director.

Verkada is a modern hybrid-cloud enterprise video surveillance solution utilizing AI applications. Using a streamlined implementation process, Verkada also ensures a 10-year warranty for all product. According to Verkada’s official website, the company specializing in building “enterprise security cameras that combine cutting-edge camera technology with intelligent, web-based software.”

About Virtucom, Inc.: Founded in 1995, Virtucom provides end-to-end technology solutions to public and private schools and districts of all sizes. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Virtucom serves and supports more than 3,700 schools across the country. Over the years, they’ve given nearly three million students access to the newest educational technology with tailored services to schools and districts—deploying, managing, protecting, and maintaining devices and infrastructure both remotely and on-site.