The 21st century classroom barely resembles the class environments of the past. Screens are mounted on the walls while assigned laptops and tablets are stored in carts in the corner of the room. With so many programs, installations, and assistive software available for these devices, it can become overwhelming for the teachers and instructors who are struggling to keep in the loop. It is important to ensure that students are provided with the best available resources in order to reach their maximum academic potential. Technology is always moving which is why it remains necessary for instructors and administrators to implement the tools required to execute a strong curriculum. In order to provide these learning opportunities, instructors must be familiar with the technology and its many functionalities. This is impossible without the proper training and professional development. But how do you build support within an established administration?

Every school has specific needs to best suit each curriculum. Administrations are not only having to personalize learning technology for the students, but also the learning process for the teachers. Personalized coaching is dependent on the instructional support staff.  The staff learns through coach-the-coach sessions in order to best meet the needs of the classroom. The purpose is to prepare the administration’s foundational tech support with the knowledge base needed for any type of professional lesson plan. In order for a lesson plan to flow seamlessly with a balance of instructor-based and tech-based learning methods, it is important to place targeted focus on personalized coaching and how it can strengthen a school’s administrative core.

Coaching is executed through a variety of different methods. The support staff works with the teacher to ensure that the proper resources are used to execute the lesson plan every step of the way. An integration framework is set in place with a rubric to help determine the status of each lesson. The staff is responsible for reviewing the lesson plan and guiding the teacher through their planning process and delivering the material using the invested resources.  The teacher then takes this information regarding their delivery and instructional planning and weaves it into the classroom. By fluently coaching the school’s support system and creating a co-dependent relationship between staff and teacher, instructors will then receive the necessary experience required for an enhanced learning environment.

With a strong focus on professional development and centralized training, we aim to provide an efficient learning process for tech support and faculty. Through decades of K-12 experience, we understand the importance of having an effective technology support staff working within the administration. Personalized coaching completely relies on the skill set of those involved in the technology’s foundational support. That is why our own certified professionals want to ensure a detailed understanding of the assistive technologies and their devices so that instructors can then receive the training they deserve. We desire to continue training the trainers so that a school’s technology investments can reach full potential. The adoption of personalized coaching provides the mandatory experience for a healthy academic system. A teacher is only as good as their support. This builds that professional bond between administrative support and classroom instruction that is essential for breathing fresh life into the modern classroom setting.