Training your faculty on the ins and outs of enhancing education through technology.

Professional Development

Tapping into technology benefits both teachers and students. But kids may adapt more easily to new devices and software than adults—and when teachers fall behind, so do their classes.

To bridge this learning gap and reduce the stress and frustration teachers feel, Virtucom has a proactive solution: Train your staff so they’re confident and comfortable using new technology.

With our customized Professional Development program, our experts serve as key touchpoints in the integration process. We’ve secured partnerships with skilled trainers to give teachers and administrators the knowledge and support they need to get the most out of your technology.

By understanding your staff’s needs, we help establish a structured, collaborative professional development program for your school district. Our trainers work with teachers to master the nuances of Chromebooks, the education cloud, and everything in between—through onsite workshops and personalized, hands-on instruction.

We’ll be there when you have questions, too. Like you, we’re lifelong learners, and our commitment to you doesn’t stop at the end of your training. Our 24/7 IT support provides responsive, around-the-clock answers both remotely and onsite.

To get the most out of the newest technology, the first step is learning how to use it. Once your staff has a grasp on your new hardware and software, classroom integration becomes simple and painless.

Ready to get started? Connect with us today to see how we can help get your staff up to speed.