Start Preparing For The New School Year!

What is Summer Refresh?

A lot can happen to a student or even teacher device during the school year. Virtucom provides summer refresh services to ensure your tech is prepared for use when class is back in session, preventing device disasters and avoiding downtime.

Our services are customizable, simply select what best meets your device maintenance needs. Additionally, our Summer Refresh services can be performed both onsite and offsite depending on what’s most convenient. Click the button below to download our informative Summer Refresh one-pager or continue reading to learn more about our services.

Click the “+” to learn more about each service.

Collection, Storage, & Re-deployment

We provide device collection assistance, summer storage, and re-deployment for offsite refresh services. We take inventory of all received devices and document each service completed.

Inspection & Repair

We identify and log damaged devices for removal or repair. Once logging is completed, tickets are created for devices in need of repair.

Deep-Clean and sanitation

Our team sanitizes and deep cleans devices with approved cleaners. Our offsite refresh services include UV device disinfectant in addition to the use of approved cleaners.

Hardware Testing

We perform hardware tests to determine the health of device components, including batteries.

Operating System Refresh

Our team performs operating system refreshes to ensure your devices function as intended. We restore Chromebooks, reimage Windows devices, and perform updates.

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