In an age when technology is a focal point of learning, an increasing number of schools are adapting one-to-one computing systems. Although technology offers new methods of personalized learning, there can be potential drawbacks if the systems are left unsecured and unchecked. On occasion, students may find themselves on less than scrupulous websites that pose both a safety threat to the child and the system itself. In less nefarious circumstances, students may be tempted to drift their attention to social networking websites and away from their studies.

So how can you, as an administrator, guard your new system and students from these threats? We’ll discuss how below.  

Safeguarding the Integrity of Your Technology

Malware and viruses lurk in the most unassuming websites and downloads, posing significant security threats to the integrity of your technology. Malware incursions can infect a system and cause disruptions to the speed in which teachers can deliver lessons, meaning it is imperative to the quality of instruction to protect your eLearning systems. More often than not, these viruses disguise themselves as harmless applications, tricking students into infecting their computer.

A comprehensive filtering software can not only detect an incursion, but promptly remove the threat before it creates a more difficult problem for the student.

Protect Your Technology

Ensuring the safety of your school’s technological software and hardware is a vital part of maintaining an impactful learning system. Thankfully, you are not alone in protecting your investment.

Our team at Virtucom provides both implementation and protection services to keep your system running smoothly for your students and faculty. Interested in learning how our services can benefit you? Contact us today for more information!