Ensure A Smooth Student Assessment Experience!

The testing season will be here before we know it! Do you have everything your K-12 community needs to ensure a smooth assessment experience for your students and staff?

At Virtucom, we understand the trials and tribulations that come with standardized testing. It’s why we offer test-ready devices from industry-leading manufacturers, ensuring your students and staff have one less thing to stress about during digital assessments.

Our industry-leading Partners

Essential Accessories

Spare device accessories can come in handy in a wide range of testing situations, saving students and staff from a great deal of stress. A student’s touchpad could become unresponsive mid-test, or a student may arrive at a testing session with a device on 5% battery life.

Useful spare accessories include:

  • Mouse and Keyboards
  • Chargers & Charging Carts
  • Device Monitoring Software
  • Wifi Network Accessories

Our team is here to help you prepare for standardized testing. Reach out to your Virtucom rep now to get started, or click here to get in touch with a team member!