Transform Education with Budget-Friendly HP Devices for K-12 Schools

Microsoft’s Shape the Future program offers discounts to K-12 communities! Participants receive discounts on devices, software, and cloud services.

Understanding the Shape The Future Program

Microsoft’s Shape The Future Program provides discounted technology solutions to schools and educational institutions to bridge the digital divide in education. It empowers students, teachers, and administrators with the necessary skills for the digital age. The program offers discounted rates on a variety of devices, including laptops, tablets, and accessories. These devices are specifically designed for educational use, with features that enhance productivity and collaboration.

Key Features of the Shape The Future Program

Affordable Devices

The Shape The Future Program offers discounted rates on a wide variety of devices from industry-leading brands like Lenovo, Dell, HP, Acer, and more. These devices are built to withstand the rough and tumble of everyday student use. They are ruggedized and versatile, ensuring they can withstand the demands of K-12 education. With a wide range of options available, schools can choose the devices that best suit their students’ needs.

Cutting-edge Software

In addition to affordable devices, educational institutions participating in the Shape The Future Program gain access to Microsoft software, including the Windows operating system and Office 365 productivity suite. These software solutions enable students and teachers to create, collaborate, and communicate effectively. With the latest versions of Windows and Office, students can leverage the full potential of digital tools to enhance their learning experiences.

Secure Cloud Services

The Shape The Future Program also provides access to Microsoft’s cloud services, such as Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Intune. These services offer secure storage, data management, and device management capabilities, ensuring the privacy and security of sensitive information. With cloud services, schools can securely store and access their data from anywhere, enabling seamless collaboration and remote learning.

Professional Development

Recognizing the importance of continuous professional development for educators, the Shape the Future Program offers training resources, tutorials, and workshops to help teachers integrate technology seamlessly into their teaching practices. These resources empower educators to leverage technology effectively in the classroom, enhancing student engagement and learning outcomes.

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How to Get Started

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