The positive learning experience begins with a safe learning experience.

With our security partners, Virtucom is partnered to bring turnkey physical security solutions to the schools and districts we serve. Our goal is to provide districts and community partners with real-time video, access, and notifications to cultivate and maintain a positive learning environment that is both safe and secure. We know how important it is to keep your students and staff safe which is why we offer next-gen security solutions that fortify, protect and improve K-12 communities.

Video Surveillance

At Virtucom, our core focus is offering schools and districts the tools they need to positively affect the student experience. IP camera installations can help cultivate a positive classroom environment for everyone by reducing instances of bullying and improving teacher practice through reviewing lesson strengths and classroom engagement. Footage is stored encrypted in cloud-based servers that only authorized users can access. These cameras can also automatically record movement within buildings and store the data


Next-gen physical security has also taken on identity and access management that can help schools actively be aware of every visitor within its halls. Identity management can use systems like facial recognition that can identify threats and alert officials in real time or badging that grants access to approved individuals.

Mass Notification

Our mass communication solution can help spread important messages to everyone within a school system in real time. These solutions can be used for emergencies as well as any type of mass communication that needs to reach a large number of individuals quickly (i.e. school event cancellations, early dismissal reminders, PTA notifications, etc.).

As we strive to ensure solutions that fit every need, Virtucom also offers service support for your legacy security solutions already in place. For more information, reach out to one of our experienced relationship manager today.