Providing responsive support, our experts become an extension of your school's IT team.

Searching for an efficient and cost-effective IT solution?

Virtucom works directly with your existing IT staff to maximize the educational value of your hardware and software—all at a fixed rate, so you can control costs.

Make your budget predictable and renew your technology, server, and network contracts monthly, quarterly, or annually. With customized and flexible contracts, you get the most optimized plan for your school district.

At Virtucom, we make external IT support anything but external. We become an extension of your IT team, ingraining ourselves into your community to develop a lasting relationship with your school or district. That deep familiarity creates a manageable, more streamlined tech environment for students, teachers, and administrators.

From infrastructure monitoring and 24/7 helpdesk support to remote computing and warranty management, we perform a variety of services that help you control costs and reduce headaches.

When you combine our IT proficiency with our passion for education, you get flexible and efficient end-to-end solutions. Contact us today for more information.

We also offer fully outsourced IT services that may better suit your school or district. Click here to learn more.