Game-changing educational technology within reach—through our personalized financing options.

Budget constraints can make new technology seem out of reach. With diverse, personalized financing options, Virtucom can help you enhance learning with the best hardware and software out there—and the tailored, ongoing support you need to manage it.

We understand your financial concerns, including funding, leasing, and time-sensitive paperwork like Title 1 and grant applications. Virtucom takes all of these into account—along with separating your capital and operating expenses—to help you overcome any financial obstacles.

Leasing from Virtucom

A limited budget doesn’t need to prevent you from modernizing your school’s equipment and programs. Our leasing solutions can make your monthly expenses predictable and manageable. With rare down payments and minimal upfront costs, we can help keep your budget intact.

We streamline your acquisition process with detailed, easy-to-read documentation. Our process is simple: learn about your school, design and approve a personalized plan, and provide 100% financing for your entire bundled solution.


We get you the lowest possible rates through one-dollar buyout, or fair market value leases with three, four, and five-year terms.

Hardware as a Service (HaaS)

We install your new technology onsite and replace outdated ones with updated versions when you renew your contract.


Through the federally funded E-Rate program, we provide eligible schools and libraries discounted EdTech services.

Title I

We ensure low-income students’ access to EdTech through the U.S. Department of Education’s Title I Program.


When your technological needs exceed your available resources, we can help you apply for a digital learning grant—making EdTech integration possible without disturbing your budget.

To learn more about our affordable financial consulting and options, please contact us today.