Your investment extends beyond devices; we'll help manage all equipment on-site or remotely.

In the current education environment, it’s difficult to provide a great education without sufficiently optimized hardware and up-to-date software.

Since 2013, K-12 schools have spent a total of 35% of their annual budget on technological services, specifically cloud computing. Managing these services is challenging because of time and money constraints. Your investment in technology extends past the devices themselves—you need to make sure they’re properly updated and maintained, decreasing down time and providing a reliable and effective enhanced learning environment.

Virtucom can manage every piece of equipment on-site or remotely—implementing new software updates, creating data backups, performing desktop tunings, and monitoring energy consumption. Once we deploy your hardware and install all necessary software, we function as the administrator for all of your desktops, laptops, and other computing devices.

We’re passionate about the services we provide, but we’re even more devoted to the impact our relationship with your school or district has on education.

Onsite support allows us to become a part of your community—we’re there so you don’t have to worry about devices, therefore you can focus your efforts and expertise on your students and teachers. When a device breaks down, our expert technicians are accessible and responsive. With remote desktop management, we can resolve glitches quickly and efficiently, without even coming down to your school.

Technology can enrich the learning process. Contact us today to see what it can do when it’s properly maintained.