Prepare and equip your students for collaborative work environments.

Technology is commonplace in schools across the country, as roughly 95 percent of all educators use it as a tool to teach in the classroom. Naturally, the quality of those digital tools, or collaborative learning devices, impacts how well an educator can teach. Virtucom offers reliable collaborative learning solutions such as interactive flat panels, virtual reality, and classroom management tools. Our core vision is to create collaborative learning experiences to aid teachers in furthering curriculum goals by effectively engaging students with innovative EdTech.

Today’s young minds are digitally native, however, the same can’t always be said for educators. Virtucom trains educators to incorporate technology in their classrooms effectively. Our programs are focused on informing educators of each device’s capabilities to easily integrate usage into their everyday lessons.

How can you incorporate collaborative learning into your classrooms? We have the experience and expertise to make it happen. At Virtucom, we strive to meet each clients’ individual needs every step of the way, from acquisition to implementation. Contact us today and learn more about our collaborative learning solutions and what we offer school districts.