Enhance Learning with One-to-One Computing
By providing students and teachers with personal computers, laptops, or tablets, your school or district can encourage collaboration, cultivate creativity, build research skills, and expand critical thinking abilities.

1-1 Insights


Online Learning After COVID?

Flexibility for students and educators is going to be critical for the next school year Students and teachers alike learned a lot through the COVID pandemic about the dos and don’ts of eLearning. To overcome the distractions, the distance, and the one-sided nature of interacting online, many teachers got creative: teaching math through a Virtual Reality computer game for example, […]

Four Tips District Leaders Can Follow to Effectively Incorporate Remote Learning This Fall

The Fall semester for K-12 schools is upon us and many schools are implementing new strategies for remote learning heading into the school year. Virtucom shares a common goal with many school districts, and that is to effectively use technology to positively impact the student learning environment. This endeavor, under typical circumstances, entails considerable planning, strategy, and more often than […]

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